Welcome to Lincolnshire Sensory Services

Lincolnshire Sensory Services provides specialist information, guidance and support for anyone in Lincolnshire living with sight and/or hearing loss.

The Lincolnshire Sensory Services team understands the practical and emotional challenges that people with sensory loss can face in their everyday lives and we focus on promoting independence, wellbeing and accessibility. We aim to help people maintain independence and dignity in every aspect of their lives, and we work closely with carers, families and other organisations to increase their understanding of the impact of sensory loss.

Our service is delivered on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council by RNID, the UK's largest charity for people with hearing loss, who have experience of delivering integrated sensory services in other parts of the UK.  Working closely with other charities and professional organisations, we strive to access as much help as possible for our clients and to assist them to build a wide network of support.


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